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October 29th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 302 – dreamscape

I was taking photos of berries earlier this morning backlit against the morning sun using an old Pentax M series 80-200mm zoom on the K20D, and noticed the background tree shape, and decided to switch attention to the tree. Adjusting focus so it’s out but still recognisable is an interesting technique that’s worth trying for abstract views…quite dreamlike.

August 23rd, 2011

Photo365 – Day 235 – blurred vision

I bought a Micro 4/3rd to T2 adaptor to use on my Olympus E-P2 the other day. I was messing around with different lenses and added a El Nikkor 50mm f/4 enlarging lens on the front. I just held it in place and it provided a very close focus. Infinity was way out of focus. I could move it forwards to blur even more.

I started to experiment with the out of focus views and wandered around the house looking for interesting abstracts.

This was one of them…a reading lamp.

There’s a skill to getting out of focus subjects looking interesting. I hope you think I achieved that here.

February 7th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 38 – Headspin

Some days my head does feel like it’s spinning, but not today, so I made it spin!

I’d always intended doing some spinography – where you set the camera on self timer and throw it into the air spinning as it falls down the shutter fires and you get a revolving shot. My first attempts today were average so I started to rotate the camera in my hand and the results were smoother but still too erratic and not too interesting. That gave me the idea of using a Lazy Susan (rotating platter)

I laid the camera on it back down, lens facing upwards in the centre and set the timer to 2 seconds. I then triggered the camera and set the platter spinning, the shutter fired and I got a 360degree turn and half before the shutter closed.

It’s a self portrait (I was looking down into the camera) and you can see the ghost-like person blending in with the circles.
A ceiling with more going on would give a different pattern.