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Archive for March, 2000

March 26th, 2000 by admin


Day in Dovedale followed by evening curry. William tries to get Katie’s top off

March 22nd, 2000 by admin

UEFA Champions League – Chelsea vs Lazio

Canon took us to Stamford Bridge to watch the UEFA Champions League Chelsea vs Lazio and dinner at the Regency Hotel – which was nice!    

March 17th, 2000 by admin

Chilli and Ginger jam

Round to Katie’s for Chilli – never left!  

March 16th, 2000 by admin

Spin Spin Sugar

Night out with Sue and Katie Hole in the Wall,¬†Burghley Arms and end up at Central Nightclub in Peterborough…pissed Katie invites me round for Chilli tomorrow night

March 3rd, 2000 by admin

Gazed at stars

Night out in Stamford with Jo and Dan Lezano met 5027 and ended up back at Madeline Millar’s to gaze at stars