Creating Smiling Ivy band promo image

Steve from Sheffield reggae ska band Smiling Ivy asked me if I could provide a “pic with a little more Xmas” I’d taken a series…

Photoshoot for Muskel

Photoshoot for Muskel Apparel, to catalogue their new product range of vests, caps and hoodies. Model was Jermaine

Dance shoot

I was asked to do a fashion shoot as part of Bijal Chauhan’s degree project. Fashion Management student, Bijal, was working on a marketing event…

Peter Bargh Fine Art Photography

Today sees the launch of Peter Bargh Fine Art Photography. A collection of photographs made available for sale on acrylic and canvas.  

Bluebells in Beeley Wood

A walk along the river through Beeley Woods with the intention of photographing bluebells. Plenty to choose from but as usual I prefer isolated stems…

Riverlin Stroll

A walk up Riverlin on the way back I called in the Holly Bush pub    

Higher Shelf Stones

It’s bleak on the moors…a trip out to Bleaklow and Higher Shelf Stones with a stop off at the crash site of the 16th Photographic…

Photographing the Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseids Meteor Shower can be seen each year when up to 60 firework like streaks  are seen per hour in the Northern Hemisphere.  The…

Fine Art America

I’ve just joined to see what it’s all about. I’ve added a photo for sale…one of my favourite landscapes Pete on Fine Art America