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I’m a publisher, photographer, journalist and musician:

I’ve been a keen photographer for over 35 years. I started my career in photographic retail, then progressed my passion by writing for magazines, which eventually got me a job working in an editorial team. I moved through the ranks to editor and then left to set up my own publishing company in 2000. We produced a range of web sites and subscription based magazines. I retired from this in 2014.

I still take plenty of photographs and now prefer to document my travel adventures and have written and designed several photography books and been the presenter on a digital photography video.  I also enjoy writing music using Logic on a Mac


invitesThis blog is a kind of diary and place to store my memories.
Over the years as a journalist I was invited all over the world on press trips (they used to be called Jollies but I think those days are over). And I decide it was time to put down all the stuff that’s happened that I can remember or have souvenirs for in the form of an online timeline.

So I’ll be dragging stuff out of boxes, scanning and uploading.

If you were with me at any of the events and I haven’t listed you please drop me a note and I’ll add you. Also if you want to add any photos I can sort that too.

I will also be adding stuff I’ve done from early years to present day – a bit like a Facebook timeline.  So expect to see diary dates, gigs, excursions, events etc.

6 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. Happy days pete and then we all had to grow up and become adults,walked past the old shop recently and miss it more than I thought,would love to here from anyone who worked with us if you have any contact with them,specially yourself,I learnt a lot from you and still have fond memories of your dahli impressions,would love to here from phil,he also had a great influence on me,as I say would be great to here or meet you all again one day

  2. How the hell are ya? Can’t believe things are rearing there heads after 30 years !!!

    1. I’m sure our paths did Roger. I’m a long time friend of Robert Baker (goes way back to school days). Would have been at many of the same gigs in those great years – late 79-84 period. Saw you guys live a few times..and Adi used one of my pics in some material you sent out.

  3. Dear Peter,

    I would like to ask permission to use one of your pictures (the one showing Mike Ware holding a negative).

    Please let me know. Thank you

  4. Pete! How many websites does one man need? Hope you are well mate? Interesting to see Simon May got in touch in 2013…

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