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December 6th, 1999

Meeting Chris Evans

Donna Willingham (at the time Wade) and I were on an Agfa Pudding Club Christmas lunch. We then went with them to a London bar, can’t recall which one, and in popped Chris Evans. We only had an Agfa single-use camera with us. Donna took a photo and cut Chris off!! I took one with all of her in and most of him. The two were merged for this photo. Good times.

Chris came over to us because Donna was smoking and the cheeky bugger scrounged a fag.

Sadly I cannot remember time, date or year. It will have been early December and it was on our days together on Digital PhotoFX magazine so I’ve taken a stab at 1999.




February 19th, 1997

PMA 1997 – New Orleans

PMA  1997 was in New Orleans, United States. We went over four four days flying Continental London to Houston Flight CO 5 Seat 38F and Housten to New Orleans on Flight CO 1631 Seat 25A . We stopped in the Marriott

Agfa invited us on a Dinner Jazz Cruise  on the PaddleWheeler Creole Queen and we took ourselves off on Captain Terry’s Swamp Tour on Esperanza Plantation.

I was so ill on that trip from a weird flu like sinus infection were my eyes where weeping and I had the most intense headache.

Memorable moments were the what seamed like plastic alligators on the swamp tour, Roger coming back from a night out totally enthused by a man who could play a tray with his fingers, and Warren playing the flaming Sambuka game and not realising you don’t span your hand out when placing it over the glass.

Peter Bargh, Mike Elliott, Roger Payne, Donald Pollock, David Ogle, Warren Parkinson