Peter Bargh

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February 5th, 1984

Andromeda formed

I formed an Electronic band with Robert Fitzgibbons

Richard Fitzgibbons was manager

We came up with a few names

XF3, I ascend, red Shift, Subdued City, Soundwaves, First Impressions and Crystal but settled on Andromeda.

The direction was cosmic ambience


Equipment used


Roland JX3p, Roland PG200, Roland SH101, Moog Prodigy, Casio VL Tone and recording on a Teac 244 Portastudio




January 1st, 1980

Andromeda appear in Music Information Booklet

Our band was interviewed for Music Information Booklet – a fanzine from Wales. This was the last issue No 5 and inc Smiths gig review, Orange Juice, Pink Industry and us,  Andromeda.
Only 50 copies were made and I had number 14.

It was published sometime in the early 80s