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July 23rd, 2016

Tramlines 2016 day 2

Tramlines day 2 -an interesting evening of ethereal, improvised nu-jazz, alt rock and some rock’n’roll. At The Three Cranes (Inclusion Principle and Frostlake), City Hall Ballroom (Basement) and Frog and Parrot (cant remember). Would have gone to grime event at 02 with my sons but my blagged pass didn’t prove worthy, so bouncers said no!

Frostlake at The Three Cranes

Inclusion principle at The Three Cranes

October 25th, 2014

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere played to a small audience at Burngreave Cemetery chapel

It was to promote the launch of their new album Θ2 – Discus 47CD and was an improvisation in two parts with a short break in between.

Martin Archer – keys, woodwind
Chris Bywater – keys, laptop
Yvonna Magda – electric violin
Michael Somerset – woodwind
Frostlake – voice
Terry Todd – bass guitar
Steve Dinsdale – drums, synth
Walt Shaw – percussion, electronics.

Cost £5 to get in

Michael Somerset


Bass guitarist Terry Todd