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January 22nd, 2011 by Peter Bargh

Photo365 – Day 22 – Waterfall on the River Wye

This was taken today on a trip out to Bakewell with the new Tamron 18-270mm AF lens. It’s a close up shot at the 85mm setting of a waterfall on the river Wye. I like the fact that it’s three strips of graduated tone, from near black to near white with a mid tone grey in the centre. Almost abstract. The shutter speed was at 1/13sec to get a blurry but not too cotton wool motion.

This is part of my 365 day photo project I started on January 1st. I’ve taken a photo every day and intend to do so for the rest of the year. I’ll be posting them in this blog, so book mark and see you tomorrow. Feel free to comment or join in. You can start any day of the year, and maybe just do a month if a year’s too much like hard work.


3 Responses to “Photo365 – Day 22 – Waterfall on the River Wye”
  1. Pete Bargh says

    Hello,,,yes, Pete Bargh…that’s ME…. I was born in Worksop…a while ago now !
    Love this photo, it reminds me of The Peak district where I grew up. I have tried to email you at, but without success. regards Pete.

  2. Pete Bargh says

    Hi, I love this pic…great angle, great exposure.

  3. How surreal someone with the same name originally from the same area. Is this a mate playing wind up 😉

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