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February 5th, 2000

PMA 2000 – Las Vegas C2K


In the day Will Cheung and I decided to spend some time on the roulette tables in Las Vegas. We started at noon and were still there at 6pm…considerably worse off! I lost a lot and Will lost twice as much. A one time experience never to be repeated. We had arranged to go out with Claire Fleerackers from Kodak that evening.

We ended up at C2K night club. We had to wait in a queue while Courtney Cox was ushered in priority style…hadn’t they heard of Peter Bargh!

Out with
Peter Bargh (Emap), Claire Fleerackers (Kodak), Simon Coleman (Nikon), Will Cheung (Emap),

November 16th, 1999

London to Rochester


A Kodak press trip, which included a visit to the HQ of Kodak in Rochester,  but I can’t remember what the event was.

We watched football in our hotel, and the hotel overlooked Niagara Falls.

We flew on to Philadelphia but it’s all a blur. I’d just found out found my wife was having an affair with a neighbour so my mind was a bit scrambled through to December.


Claire Fleerackers

Peter Bargh, Dan Lezano,