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December 24th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 358 – Marbles

When I was a little boy I used to play with marbles a lot. As well as the usual games I invented my own. I used to roll them off the top of the stairs and watch them bounce down and see how far they would go. I then started adding obstacles, things that I had to try and hit. So they bounced down and then flew past or knocked down things.

I passed this on to my kids and they loved playing. The game developed…you lost points if they didn’t make it all the way down the stairs, and you gained points for knocking down things (and we added an extra level – things you had to land on).

The marbles were split into colours so we could see who did what. We would set either a time limit or a number of runs and the one with the highest score at the end would win.

What was good about this is it got them away from the electronic gadgets for a bit and brought back a bit of the traditional values.

As the Christmas break approaches, I looked in the games cupboard to dig out Trivial Pursuit. I found the bag of marbles. The kids are grown up now…I wonder if they will show their kids how to play our game, or will the electronics world have totally removed any need for those old games.

May 1st, 2000

On Safari with HP

I was one of the judges for a HP photo competition. The prize was a safari trip to  South Africa and I was invited  along to help the winners take better photos. An incredible adventure!

We flew with South African Airlines SA229 from London to Johannesburg.  I was in seat 49G.  And then on  SA0040 from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls Seat 17F

We stayed in Elephant Hills Inter-Continental at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

And Mowana Safari Lodge on the Chobe River in Botswana

Several trips were organised to go into the Chobe Game Reserve including a sunrise adventure and a nocturnal visit

The we went on a coach trip  to Victoria Falls.

Lindsay Baldwin, Peter Bargh, Sarah Lambe, Mark Killingley, Andreas Lakeberg, Gerog Bons, Anita Pongratz

Malcolm and Diana Downes, Geoff and Hazel Hampshire, John and Sylvia Dinham, Mark Henning, Jamie Mackay, Simon Lane, Michael Rickets, Carol and Ian Moore, Marian Andreas Lisius, Anna Klingenberg, Uhland and Bettina Goebel, Joop Wever, Ann Van Rooij, Martin Reijgersberg, Vasilis Van Gemert, Jean and Patricia Dufresne, Gerard Delvecchio, Jacques Joffre, Lyn Try, Natalie Bohlin, Jean Sebastian Rousseau Piot, Nathalie Scohier, Eugenio Oller and Monica De Toores.

February 16th, 1979

I won Dixons Logo competition

Dixons had an internal staff competition, announced in the company newsletter, Dixonian.  The brief was for a Safe Driving Club Badge – Design a badge and Win £20.



I entered and won.

The scan of the newsletter has all details

£20 may not sound a lot but at that Time I used to get £27.65 Net Pay per week so it was ok thank you 🙂

March 2nd, 1974

Poem wins competition

The Sheffield Star had a competition to write about the Flying Scotsman. I entered and won a black and white mounted photo of the engine

Here’s my poem