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January 6th, 2016

Gallipoli coast

Walked along Gallipoli coast northwards – not that interesting and a very grey day, with just a hint of sun as it set. did get a decent view of the old town from afar though! And also saw an impressive murmuration of Starlings.

Starling Murmoration


January 5th, 2016


Train from Lecce to Gallipoli and short walk to b&b Anxa, via Parini 7, This was a spacious room, with my own bathroom across the hall. No one else was stopping there at the time so I had breaklfast to myself…and have to say this was the best continental breakfast I’ve ever been served in b&b. Absolutely masses to eat and impossible to finish all.  Cold meats, cheeses, pastries, coffee, fresh juice etc – filled the table! Didn’t reckon much to Gallipoli though, poor weather didn’t help, but the old town just didn’t have an character and the modern town was basically a single high street with sterile kind of shops and restaurants. No desire ever to go back here!

January 4th, 2016

San Cataldo

A walk on a straight 10.5k long (and most boring) road from Lecce to San Cataldo brought me to what looked a bit like Mablethorpe. And similar weather!

San Cataldo


January 3rd, 2016

Lecce old town

Decide on a day local today and wandered around Lecce old and new. Lots of fabulous architecture and details



January 2nd, 2016


Train to the seaside town Otranto. Was ok, nothing to write a postcard home about. That said the sun was out and I just relaxed by the harbour – after I’d sampled a couple of local pies, including local delicacy rustico.


I decided to walk back from here to Zolino station. I took the SP48 to Martano…a long, straight road lined with olive fields. When I eventually arrived in Martano I couldn’t see the directions out to Zolino. So I asked a local restaurateur. He insisted on taking me and I’m glad he did – it was further than I thought. I asked if I could pay him…and he said in Italian “from the heart”. Nice man.

January 1st, 2016


Train from Bari to Lecce staying in Oniro Via Nicola Cataldi 2, Lecce. Apartment was a short walk from old town. It was spacious and breakfast was a ticket to get a coffee and a piece of cake/bread/croissant etc from a cafe round the corner. The room next to me had a shagging couple and she was very loud and seemed to be enjoying things.

Lecce is similar to Bari in that the old town is walled. Lecce had some good restaurants, and I had a good running area around the streets for my 5k build up. I started to use the vending machines here to get coffees. Decent and just 50 cents.



December 31st, 2015


Train to Ostuni today. The station is in about a mile or so out of the city in an industrial region (wekll a couple of factories in a field). The walk up inst that pleasant just a main road and when you get to the city it’s not as white as Santorini and not as impressive as Matera, but still worth a visit. I wandered out of the city to get a better viewpoint than the one coming up from the station.



December 28th, 2015

Polignano A Mare

Took the train from Bari to Polignano A Mare – a cold and grey day, but interesting cliff top town made up for it.



June 27th, 2015

Jose Gonzales in Rome

A night at Laghetto di Villa Ada, Rome to see Jose Gonzales. Excellent gig, nightmare of a journey though. I’d read up how to get there by bus from the apartment in central Rome…which according to the web site was from a bus stop two streets away to take me to the park gates. When trying to buy a ticket I was told that there were no buses, so I grabbed a cab. The driver gave a card and said call him at the end and he’d come and pick me up.
He never came, and there were no buses. After several calls for cabs and none turning up (due I guess to the fact there was no fixed address to come to) it was looking like a night on a park bench or a very long walk! Fortunately after much persistence I finally got a cab turn up and take me back.

But back to the Gig. The venue was lovely a park on the outskirts of Rome, with several craft shops around the side of the stage selling interesting jewellery etc. And food stalls. Had a hamburger…and then the stage open air and a lovely Italian evening. Was great to be immersed in a crowd of happy Italians, all enjoying the ambience. Jose played a great set…simple light show, to go with the delicate music. Wonderful!

Jose Gonzales ticket


June 26th, 2015

When in Rome

Trenitalia from Pisa Centrale ­ Roma Termini, Coach 5,  ­ Seat 07A

Accommodation at Via della Cisterna, 1, Rome, Lazio

Rome was fun. Lots to see, loved the Vatican City. Walked along the river Tiber and visited the Colosseum (didnt go in) and Trevi Fountain as well as many other historical sites. Enjoyed an evening in one of the squares watching a street performer play with fire.


28th Flight back from Rome (Ciampino) to East Midlands RyanAir FR9651 19:40