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June 9th, 2000

Olympus C-840L Digital Camera Launch


The Olympus C-840L was launched at the Bluebird (Private Dining room), Kings Road  London, England.

As part of the event a Helicopter flight over London from Battersea Heliport was arranged, and gave us chance to try the cameras from a height.

The helicopter was a Squirrel AS355F and flew 1000feet over the River Thames following the river at 90 knots over to Tower Bridge on a 10min excursion.

I attended as editor of Digital PhotoFX

Ian Dickens, Sara Cubitt, Nikki Gordon

Peter Bargh

January 8th, 1997

Olympus Dublin

Olympus invited us over to Dublin in Ireland. We flew over on Aer Lingus EI449. I was in Seat 1B

We stop at the U2 owned The Clarence

Lion Dance
Bela Primo (band)

Sara Cubitt, Nikki Gordon

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Martyn Moore,

The hotel was great, had a top night dancing with Sara…she nicknamed me Tigger after that.

One guy on the dance floor was mr muscles and pulled his vest over his head dancing as though he was drugged up (probably was).
While we were dancing Martyn was chatting to a bloke he met in the bar. He had no idea who the guy was, apart from the fact all the girls were drooling over him. It turned out to be Ewan McGregor who’d recently started in Trainspotting.

I walked through the shopping streets of Dublin the following day and bought my leather coat that has since been referred to as the drug dealers coat.