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November 10th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 313 – Yes

Will Cheung emailed this morning to say he’d been to see Yes last night, and that they were playing Sheffield. I looked them up and realised the gig was tonight. So I quickly ordered a ticket and managed to get centre position in the Circle at the Sheffield City Hall.

I’ve been listening to Yes since the early 70s but I have never seen them until tonight. Shame Jon Anderson wasn’t singing or Rick Wakeman on keyboards, but the line up was solid and almost a 2 1/2 hour set was played, including all the golden oldies such as Roundabout and And You and I, plus at least one track from their new album which I hadn’t heard before.

This is them playing the opening title track from the album Fly From Here – it was a 20min long song. Prog rock lives on!

From left to right

  • Guitar, Vocals: Steve Howe
  • Vocals: Benoit David
  • Drums, Percussion: Alan White
  • Bass, Vocals: Chris Squire
  • Keyboards: Geoff Downes

Notice Steve has his own special carpet. I wonder if that’s like a comfort blanket?

Taken with the Olympus EP2 and 40-150mm zoom set at 40mm. ISO800 so noise is quite bad.

October 8th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 281 screw blues

Another shot taken with my current favourite lens…the toy lens with a macro adaptor attached. The focusing and halation / aberrations is wonderful for macro work. I love just moving the camera around slowly to obtain focus point. In this example. I picked up a handful of screws and dropped them on floor and then moved around them with the camera base on the floor until I got a satisfactory view. I like the way the light is reflecting on the top left screw and how the main screw goes out of focus in the middle where it shouldn’t. The lens is crazy!

Olympus EP2 (white balance set to tungsten to force a blue cast), Toy Lens, +10 Macro – screws

January 25th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 25 – A cracking lens!

I’ve been out on a meeting today and the time didn’t allow me to take any pictures during the day but I am in the process of testing the new Tamron 18-270mm superzoom. And I have an Olympus EP2 that I’m enjoying the company of, so what better to shoot a product shot in the form of a still-life using a lens that might not be best considered for product photography.
An interesting slant to my Photo365 Project.

I can do that in the evening in a gap after tea and before Holby City – which I’ve grown to enjoy. I had 30mins to set up the dining room as a mini studio and arrange and take a still life.

I spotted some Hessian placed it on the table, and angled the camera on top. It looked boring and then I spotted some pot-pourri which, by pure coincidence, was a similar colour to the Hessian and would work well. It’s amazing how easy things come together sometimes and on other occasions you can be fannying around for ages.

I arranged the bits over the Hessian, any gaps would look red thanks to the Hessian. I then placed the camera on top and arranged bits around it to look natural. I moved the light around so the softbox reflected in the shiny surface (above and slightly behind the camera) and gave a wonderful sheen. I placed some kitchen foil as a fill round the front so the silver lens trim had a glow all the way around.

The shot was taken from above hand held with the flash ensuring everything was frozen sharp.

The lens has really proven itself. What a belter! The detail is incredible for a lens with this super focal length range. I’m well impressed.