Peter Bargh

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September 25th, 2015


From Porto I caught a train down to Lisbon and then made my way by bus to the Pensao Residencial Flor dos Cavaleiros Rua dos Cavaleiros, 58, Santa Maria Maior, Lisboa. The apartment was on a very busy side street with some guys playing Bhaṅgṛā until early hours of morning. It was a few blocks away from the central square of Martim Moniz.
This was such a cool place with music playing each evening and lots of side stall selling a variety of street food.
I tried the local drink Ginjinha – a cherry liquor made with sour cherries and, in one bar, served in a chocolate cup.

Wandered around all the back streets and ended up in quite a scary area. Graffiti was brilliant.  Got chatted up by Indian guy…which was weird!



September 22nd, 2015

Travel to Portugal

After reading about David Kurley’s intention to set up a glamping site in Portugal I decided to go back and check out the country. I flew in from Manchester (Terminal 1) to Porto EasyJet on Flight 1989 and stopped in Hospedaria Do Bonfim, Rua Do Bonfim 316, Bonfim, Porto. The hotel was very dated, but great value, and only a 20min or so walk to the centre.

I loved Porto. Great city with some lovely architecture. And a really cool bridge that’s illuminated in the evening. As usual on my travels I walked all over the place and saw just about every corner. I also tried some new dishes including the famous Portugese dish Francesinha which is really just a Portuguese sandwich original from Porto, and very filling!