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December 9th, 2015

Blue Elephant visit

Spent an enjoyable afternoon in the company of the very creative Stephen Rodgers at his recently opened Blue Elephant studio. Here he is making another miniature pig for sale in the gallery’s retail space.

stephen rodger and a pig


September 9th, 2009

Buddhism Taster

Went to a Buddhism taster session at the Loyal Trooper in South Anston with Stephen Rodgers

October 1st, 1986

Out with Stephen Rodgers

Steve and I went out in Derbyshire with a 5×4 large format camera

Not sure of day or year so estimate it around 1986Steve Rodgers with Large Format camera




June 11th, 1984

Holiday in Umag Yugolsalvia

I was supposed to be going on holiday for the first time with my girlfriend Kath. We split up about three weeks before, so my mate Steve said he’d go with me.


It was a 14 day holiday from 11th to 25th June. We took a few day trip excursions including a trip to Thessaloniki and a day to Venice. We also visited Postojnska Jama cave and the Lipizzan horses on their Lipica Stud Farm

We played a lot of crazy golf, drunk a lot of Grappa, and hung around with an eight year old German girl…well she hung around with us. We couldn’t keep her away. Good job we didn’t have the Jimmy Saville stigma over our heads or we may have had to hide a lot.

I got sun stroke one day and had to stay in bed.

It was my first holiday abroad, and a very enjoyable experience. I went back to Yugoslavia for my honeymoon the year before the wars broke out.

For some bizarre reason I kept all the daily menus… I will always remember the waiter with handle bar moustache who used to serve our table…and ask eeeeyze screeeeem, poooding? And the lovely cleaner who I fell in love with and decided to learn the phrase “you are beautiful”, which I still remember, but never dared say it to here…Ti si lijepa.

Also the man who used to serve chevapchichi from a hut on the beach.

We met a woman who was friends with Annie Lennox