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November 20th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 324 – jelly bean

This is a single jelly bean shot with the Olympus EP2 and toy lens with +10 macro adaptor on the front. The focus point is never centre and the blur, aberrations, vignetting and weird focus points make the shots a little odd, but I like the effects. The jelly bean was on the carpet and I shot with the lens resting on the floor for support. I focus by moving the camera in and out until I get the right parts sharp.

October 8th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 281 screw blues

Another shot taken with my current favourite lens…the toy lens with a macro adaptor attached. The focusing and halation / aberrations is wonderful for macro work. I love just moving the camera around slowly to obtain focus point. In this example. I picked up a handful of screws and dropped them on floor and then moved around them with the camera base on the floor until I got a satisfactory view. I like the way the light is reflecting on the top left screw and how the main screw goes out of focus in the middle where it shouldn’t. The lens is crazy!

Olympus EP2 (white balance set to tungsten to force a blue cast), Toy Lens, +10 Macro – screws

September 26th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 269 – flat

I’m still playing with the toy lens + 10 macro adaptor on the Olympus EP2. This is straight out of the cameras – a setting on a hosepipe multi spray nozzle. I set the white balance to cloudy to get the warm tone.

September 24th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 267 – leaf

As you may know from reading some of my blog entries I like to mess around with unusual lens combinations.
This morning I attached the Toy lens onto the Olympus EP2 and then screwed in a +10 macro lens. This macro lens is part of an old fisheye macro converter. It gives good sharpness in centre but falls off at the edges. Combine that with the crazy Toy lens and you have ultra fall off at the edges. And here’s what happens.

This is of a chestnut leaf. The focus distance is about 4cm from the subject.

September 4th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 247 – toy lens

The garden is full of berries at the moment, and this captures one of the species. It’s another shot with the toy lens that I reviewed a few weeks ago. I played around pointing into the sun to introduce flare, but settled back on this shot which has incredible spiralling blurred out of focus bits to make the image almost hypnotic. It’s a real fun lens to use for unusual effects.

June 29th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 180 – Poppy over view

A view from above a bed of poppies taken with the Olympus E-P2 and a Holga lens I’m reviewing. The vignette is natural result of the Holga lens design.