error loading .dll – what it means

It appears to be a common problem but finding a solution can be hard. I’ve been getting an “error loading w0572d42.dll
The specified module could not be found” message for about a year every time I restart my computer. At first I tried to find out what it was and couldn’t. So I clicked ok, the message went and the computer ran as normal, or at least I hoped it did.

Today I had some free time so I looked a bit deeper and found an answer by Malke Routh, MS-MVP to a similar problem. His suggestion was to download a “program from Microsoft that will help you stop the error messages”

I tried this option, not really understanding what I was doing but it worked. Here’s what I did.
Step 1
Download the program AutoRuns for Windows v9.13 from here

Step 2
Click on the autoruns.exe file (it’s safe)

Step 3
A list of all the stuff that runs at start up will show. If you PC’s like mine there will be loads of stuff. Click the Everything tab at the top.

Step 4
Click on the binocular icon (search) in the menu. And key in the name of the .dll file that’s causing the problem.

Mine appeared on the list as “jvba05ee” and on the right “File not found: w0572d42.dll”

Step 5
Untick the box to its left

Step 6
Restart the computer

Job’s a good un! I no longer get the message. While I was in the Autoruns system I also found several other File Not found entries so I unticked them too. You can delete entries but I’m not confident enough to do that yet!

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