Images not right aligning in WordPress

If you’re like me and have a wordpress blog that you’ve updated to 2.6 you may have found that you cannot right align photos in your blog posts.
This is because many of the site templates are not totally up to date.

The solution is to edit your CSS style sheet
1 Go to your Site’s admin panel
2 Click on the Design tab and then Theme editor below the tab. It should bring up the style sheet (style.css) If not look at the Theme Files list on the right.
3 Click the Ctl+F to bring up a search window and key in img right or even just img r and click next.
4 Find the line

img align left{ float:left; margin:0 12px 5px 0; }

and change it to

.alignright { float:right; margin:0 0 5px 12px; }

This will then ensure that images are right aligned.

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