Photo365 – Day 24 – The Splodge

My colleague Nik asked me this morning if I had any photos of droplets – the type you take with a subject behind and focus on the droplet. I didn’t have any decent ones so that was my cue for today’s Photo365 image.

Tonight I arrange two chairs back to back balance a sheet of glass between them and dribbled a couple of drops of gelatine onto the glass. I then placed the object I wanted to appear in the drop on the floor and lit it with a single studio flash with softbox.

It was all going well and then I nudge one of the chairs and the glass came crashing down.

As always it’s good to try and take advantage of the situation I notice one of my splodges had dispersed as it hit the ground so I had an interesting shape. I used a fragment of the glass to pull a few more strands out from the blob and then photographed it with the light coming down from above and to the back of the glass.

The shot may be no good for Nik, but it suits my Photo365 project…

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