Photo365 – Day 38 – Headspin

Some days my head does feel like it’s spinning, but not today, so I made it spin!

I’d always intended doing some spinography – where you set the camera on self timer and throw it into the air spinning as it falls down the shutter fires and you get a revolving shot. My first attempts today were average so I started to rotate the camera in my hand and the results were smoother but still too erratic and not too interesting. That gave me the idea of using a Lazy Susan (rotating platter)

I laid the camera on it back down, lens facing upwards in the centre and set the timer to 2 seconds. I then triggered the camera and set the platter spinning, the shutter fired and I got a 360degree turn and half before the shutter closed.

It’s a self portrait (I was looking down into the camera) and you can see the ghost-like person blending in with the circles.
A ceiling with more going on would give a different pattern.

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