Photo365 – Day 87 – The path you take

Taking a photo each day for 365 days is an interesting challenge and some days it’s quite unusual how you get to you photo idea. Today I was looking at a book on self portraits for ePHOTOzine’s book reviews section. I went to find the Amazon link and street price on the Internet. I searched the book title, and ended up pursuing a few sites with self portrait photos. One had a cool shot of a hand firing a cable release with the person in the background. It gave me an idea and as I’m testing a studio flash at the moment an opportunity to take a few more shots with the light. And the result is this.

I’ve intentionally made it dark and hopefully moody. I’ve added a texture layer too. The scratches on my hand and grubby thumbnail are a result of some gardening which has added to the overall feel of the photo. The item I’m holding is an old mechanical cable release.

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