Photo365 – Day 163 – The First Poppy

We had a pond. At one end was a water feature on an incline with a few pond type flowers around the cascade and a stray poppy.

The filter pump went so we decided to fill it in. Bricks from the incline wall were used to fill the main part of the pond and the soil was transferred to cover the brick, ready to pave over with a patio. I’ve not got round to paving so we have a pond shaped patch of soil and on that patch have sprung poppies.

So from that one stray poppy on the small bank of the incline the whole bed has been covered …and this was the site this morning – the first of the flowers to appear.

There are going to be hundreds on this colourful but messy looking area. I’m going to be taking a lot of abstract photos in the coming days.

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