Photo365 – Day 237 – levitation rehearsals

I decided to start to improve on my levitation skills. So this evening I cycled off into Clumber to do some woodland levitation.

I’ve admired the work of the highly creative ePHOTOzine member Beckas and the world famous Miss Aniela, but a few weeks ago I stumbled on the work of a Japanese photographer yowayowacamera Her work is more raw and natural everyday looking. So I’m going to attempt to recreate that look.

In my practice run I realised it can be done in daylight without flash but a fast shutter speed is necessary and tonight the light wasn’t bright enough without going in to the higher noisy ISO settings of the Olympus EP2. So I had a choice of noisy or blurred. I took several pics with each option and preferred noisy.

Then you have issues with timing. I was alone so the camera was mounted on a mini tripod and the self timer set. I jumped after a count of four when the red light started to flash. Being in the right place at the right moment using this method is hard work.

And then thirdly the big skill is adopting a natural looking mid flight pose. I had shots with buttocks clenched, tongue out, hands stretched unnaturally, fists clenched, neck tensed and just about any other unnatural looking features. Look at the work of that Japanese girl she’s incredible. It’s as though someone has just picked her up bent a few joints and stuck her on the spot. That as you see if you have a go is quite a talent in itself.

To get the height I positioned a sawn log just out of view and jumped up off that to give me a bit of a higher starting point.

This is my best attempt…noisy, chopped off limb, and slightly unnatural pose but it’s not too bad!

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