Photo365 – Day 271 – record collector

Today I met my music idol – Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.
He was at a signing of his new album at my favourite record shop – Record Collector in Sheffield. I’ve been shopping their for 35 years.

Porcupine Tree haven’t played Sheffield in ages (well certainly not in the last 10 years) so it was a surprise he’d chosen Sheffield for a signing. It turns out his record label had arranged the signing and the venue. Steven was eager to check out the vinyl collection next door, but for the time being he was greeting fans in a queue that went from front to back and outside into the yard. I’d just picked up a fisheye lens for the ipod and this is the first shot from it. I was five minutes from my meeting. He’s a pleasant chap, and did a good job of working through the eager crowd.

I have a shot taken by the guy behind the counter of me with Steven.

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