Photo365 – Day 296 – Nike and Hephaestus

A 5m high sculpture in front of Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium. I drove past and spotted a car boot sale outside the stadium, so went to see what was on offer. I found one stall selling magazines and was attracted to the cover of one with two free cover mount CDs. The cover had an Opeth taster, and a guy who looked Goth like. His head covered the name of the magazine so you could just see “Ter” and “er” I bought it for £1…I’m now the owner of a death metal mag with two cds of pure hell!

But back to the reason for today’s blog…the sculpture, by Andy Scott was catching the light well, so I used the iphone with Hipstamatic to record the view. Please with how it’s recorded the background clouds.

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