Photo365 – Day 299 – Post box

An interesting evening started out at this post box on the road over to Thorpe Salvin. I’d been considering shooting this for a few weeks, and tonight the sky was right.

The only thing I hadn’t taken into consideration was cars. The post box is on a B road but I didn’t think it would be busy. I proceeded to shoot my series of 30sec intervals. I’d set up the Pentax K10D with the 12-24mm pointing upwards at the post box and made a first exposure with my Joby torch. On the second shot a car past and illuminated the post box, and field beyond. The torch wasn’t powerful enough to light the field so the car came in handy. It flooded the post box with light though.


So a bit of layer masking I could merge the car headlight illuminated field and the torch lit post box, the frames where blended using StarStaX.


I’d planned to shoot a one hour set but the timer I was using started playing up so I decided to quite early and go off to a new location.

I chose Clumber Park. Totally spooky out of the way location and in the evening in total darkness i could hear the sort of noises you hear in those horror films where a group of teenagers decided to camp out and all get slaughtered one by one. With my imagination running wild I decided it best if I didn’t stay around long, but I did get an interesting shot that I’ll post in the gallery.

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