Photo365 – Day 309 – worst gig ever?

Went to Lincoln Tokyo last night for what I thought was going to be a Katy B gig with her on stage at 10:30. It was a club night…banging DJ so the sound was great but I was amongst hundreds of young revellers and felt slightly out of place. At 12am we heard she was on at 1am, at 1:30am we were told she was 30 mins away, at 2am she was just 20 miles away… she finally arrived on stage at about 3am and did a 20 minute set. To top it all some bimbo barely dressed dancers totally blocked the view I’d found. Nice one!!!!! They had very nice bodies so I guess I could have just stared at the arse in my face, but that’s not the point.

Oh and drinks are almost £5 a bottle!

And as I was taking pics at 3:10am I can count that as my photo of the day. Shot with an iPhone…I love the iphone for photography, but it really is dreadful at shooting stage lighting…as you’ll see. It was taken with a 6x digital zoom to get a decent size ms B, and that’s accentuated the crapness. So along with the worse gig ever* I post my worst photo 365 photo, and possibly my worse ever photo.


*actually seeing the Fall at the Leadmill was the worsed gig ever

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