Photo365 – Day 314 – Rivelin Valley

Will Cheung had today off and asked if I wanted to go taking photos. So I booked the day off too and suggested we went over to Rivelin Valley as I knew the leaves would be fresh on the ground and the river has some interesting areas.

As a child I spent most of the school holidays and weekends either up Loxley or Rivelin Valley on boy adventures, so I know it well. I’ve rarely been up taking photo though and today was ideal.

As luck had it the weather was perfect – over cast and dry. Also very warm for this time of year. We parked at the old post office car park and walked back down the valley. There are various remnants of Sheffield’s industrious past, small bridges, streams that have been routed off the river, and dams.

My main task was to get some slow shutter speed waterfalls with leaves to add colour. And I got a decent collection for my files. I also found a couple of tiny fungi that were worth shooting and I’m pleased with what I got.

As the light faded we squeezed a few last shots out and then headed off over to Broomhill to Record Collector and finished the day off over the road with a curry at the Balti King.

For the blog I’m uploading a simple view of one of the slightly scary aspects of the valley as a kid – stepping stones. They seemed much further apart and dangerous as a 10 year old. Today I was just worried about slipping and knocking a hip out of place or something else middle aged!

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