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February 19th, 2000 by admin

Trip to Henley

Went to Henley for first time with Sue Taylor and stayed over in some hotel that I can’t remember the name of

February 10th, 2000 by admin

Played skin heads

Night at Charters I am Satan Sue is Charlie’s Angel Katie is Bart Simpson (first night I’d met her) Jane is Hells Angel

February 5th, 2000 by admin

PMA 2000 – Las Vegas C2K

In the day Will Cheung and I decided to spend some time on the roulette tables in Las Vegas. We started at noon and were still there at 6pm…considerably worse off! I lost a lot and Will lost twice as much. A one time experience never to be repeated. We had arranged to go out […]

February 4th, 2000 by admin

PMA 2000 – Las Vegas Canon event

The 2000 PMA,  Las Vegas was a great excursion Canon took us  on a Helicoptor ride over Las Vegas Strip followed by Dinner at Osteria Del Circo, Bellagio Hotel and then into the Cirque Du Soleil “O show” at Bellagio Hotel. What an experience. Myself and Mike Elliott were falling asleep in the show which […]