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April 9th, 2011

Photo365 – Day 99 – one afternoon in a hot air balloon

Sometimes you may not be prepared. I’d gone on Stanage Edge today and took the Olympus EP2 with 17mm lens (about 35mm in 35mm format) I intended to do a few landscapes. I spotted a hot air balloon and wished I’d taken a long lens. Here’s my shot. The balloon is a dot in the sky so I’ve added an arrow. It would have still been a small dot even with a long lens. I’d love to have been in that balloon.

The title of the photo365 photo is courtesy of the indie band Artery.

March 20th, 2010

Artery play the 02 Academy Sheffield

Artery play the 02 Academy Sheffield I took a selection of photos. Muzz used one for a while as his profile pic. I’ll post some in due course

Great gig and glad they reformed.

Met up with the guys from siiiii it was the first time I’d seen Mark for about 15 years

artery academy


May 5th, 1984

Artery gig at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom


Artery played at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

March 25th, 1982

Artery live at the Blitz


I went to see Artery play at the Blitz cub held at George IV on Infirmary Road, Sheffield.

Ticket no 174

August 16th, 1980

Bouquet of Steel festival

Great day at the Leadmill with a whole host of great Sheffield talent playing the Bouquet of Steel festival
Artery headlined and were supported by The Flying Alfonso Brothers, Scarborough Antelopes, Repulsive Alien, Difficult Decision, The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, Tremmers, Corridor, Pulp and  Station 4

leadmill Bouquet of Steel festival poster
June 27th, 1980

Artery gig at Sheffield Polytechnic


Artery did a gig at the Sheffield Polytechnic Phoenix Bar with Vendino Pact, De Tian and Naughtiest Girl was a Monitor – only 60p to get in! Great gig



May 23rd, 1980

Process, Artery, Disease and Scarborough Antelopes gig

Leadmill gig

Process, Artery, Disease and Scarborough Antelopes play the Leadmill in Sheffield

Documented as the first gig held at the Leadmill


August 19th, 1979

Adverts and Artery live Top Rank

The Adverts played at the Top Rank and were supported by Artery, Diks, and The Negatives

I had a crush, like most young men, on Gaye Advert.

I took some photos here’s one of Gaye

August 5th, 1979

Weston Park Music Festival

nmx issue 8

Went to Weston Park to see Artery play live on outdoor stage. The gig was organised by Marcus Featherby Other bands included I’m So Hollow, Stunt Kites, Paul Bower’s 2.3, Xero and Artery. I took photos which have been used to illustrate articles on Artery, and my photo of Jane Wilson and Gary Marsden from I’m so Hollow was used on the cover of NMX (New Musical Excess) Issue 8 – a music fanzine that covered bands from Sheffield and surrounding areas.

I'm So Hollow

The event was recorded on video by Pete Hill