Weston Park Music Festival

nmx issue 8

Went to Weston Park to see Artery play live on outdoor stage. The gig was organised by Marcus Featherby Other bands included I’m So Hollow, Stunt Kites, Paul Bower’s 2.3, Xero and Artery. I took photos which have been used to illustrate articles on Artery, and my photo of Jane Wilson and Gary Marsden from I’m so Hollow was used on the cover of NMX (New Musical Excess) Issue 8 – a music fanzine that covered bands from Sheffield and surrounding areas.

I'm So Hollow

The event was recorded on video by Pete Hill

2 thoughts on “Weston Park Music Festival

  1. Hi,
    Your I’m So Hollow photo doesn’t actually show Rod Leigh and Jane Wilson. It is of Gary Marsden and Jane.

    Dr Tim

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