Peter Bargh

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January 14th, 2016

Relax inn

Stayed on roof terrace of the Relax Inn and sun bathed-  very hot and topped up tan. Met William Forrest a regular traveller to Malta who was about to rent a property out there and had a good chat. Then first 30 min run up to St. Paul’s bay and back.

January 12th, 2016


Day resting on the roof terrace of the hotel. Talked with Bill (William Forrest) who explained some things about the island and staying here.
In the evening I had beef stroganoff at a local restaurant

January 11th, 2016

Bingemma Countryside Walk

A planned walk to Dingli cliffs started on the road out to Mosta, then over to Rabat and Mdina. I walked around both towns before heading off in what I thought was the direction of Dingli. I didn’t see any signs, and had forgot to take the map, so I ended up totally out of direction at Mgarr.

Mosta Dome

From there I headed towards Mosta , and spotted a post for entrance to Bingemma Countryside Walk. I decided to take this not knowing where it went, assuming it was the right direction. Minutes into the walk I slipped on a rock, fell and landed on my face. This resulted in concussion and I could not remember where I was or where I wanted to go. I also had a very swollen cheek, totally numb face and a closed eye…felt like I’d been hit by a heavyweight boxer.

I found a vantage point, but I couldn’t remember any names of places or recognise any landmarks. It was quite scary. So I just carried on walking and eventually I regained memory, but hadn’t a clue where I now was, and could no longer recognise the coastal point I needed to head towards to get back to Bugibba, so I headed back to Mosta, on the way I came across a murmoration of starlings which was an amazing sight against the setting sun.



January 7th, 2016


Check out of Gallipoli and train to Lecce, then Bari and flight FR9874 to Malta. Then X3 bus to Bugibba staying in Relax Inn hotel, triq halal. Budget hotel – smells of old people…lots of coughing and smoke and piss. But roof top terrace and great breakfast – hot and cold buffet style. Didnt enjoy the typical British old person conversation at breakfast, so kept head down.

Apartment was just a short walk from main square. Luckily fairly quiet but the area gets rammed in Summer. Was a good spot for me to explore the north which I hadn’t done previously.