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September 18th, 2018

Croatia trip to Zadar

Trip to Croatia flying in to Zadar of FR9501 from Manchester T3
Departure time – 17:50
Arrival time – 21:35
Two night in Rooms Nekic, 4 Ulica Šime Ljubića 2. Kat, Zadar, 23000,
I wash pushing it a bit to arrive at my apartment so late in the evening. I didn’t know the area, but had pre visualised the location using google maps before hand. When I arrived at the bus terminus at Liburnska obala it was dark and unfamiliar. I cut through the streets to the opposite side of the town and wandered around trying to find the location. It’s a semi urban position near the sea front away from the tourist area, but I found the dark back streets gave no easy way to spot my apartment. I asked at Caffe Bar Corso on a corner near why I assumed the room was. They gave me directions as best they could and I found the place with owner still around to give me the key. I quickly dumped my gear and went out with the camera on a night recce.

Greeting to the Sun, Istarska obala
The Greeting to the Sun consists of three hundred, multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level as the stone-paved waterfront in Zadar. The monument is a photo-voltage solar module created by Nikola Bašić. It produces a very pretty light show. People of all ages walked around, stood mesmerised, danced, posed, took photos/videos. An amazing sight, and close by you can here the sounds of the Sea organ (Morske orgulje) also by Nikola Bašić. 22:20
Cathedral of St. Anastasia
The Cathedral of St. Anastasia and the Church of St. Donatus still illuminated. 22:38
Arch and Bridge in Zadar
The pavements are highly polished and so reflect the light as though it’s raining. 22:51

my review of Rooms Nekic on

Clean property and being on the edge of the old town makes any shortcomings easily forgotten.
Liked · Perfect location, 2 mins walk to the sea, just behind several streets of bars and restaurants, at one end of old town (the best part of Zadar). My room had twin beds and comfy enough with lots of wardrobe space and a good shower. Air con worked well. Kettle and two cups provided

Disliked · Noise from nearby street bustle when window open. (price you pay for being near the nightlife) Although kettle provided there were no tea coffee sachets (or fridge for milk) so for me quite pointless. Bathroom small. Not so easy to find as it’s tucked away on a narrow back street.

Score: 8.3

August 28th, 2015


From Split plane to Dubrovnik with TradeAir flight C3814 10:40

I was stopping in Apartments Bokun – Dubrovnik, Od Kriza 1 (Gornji Kono) booked through Hostel World. The property was up the hill and quite a climb, but well worth it for the view. A large and spacious apartment with a balcony overlooking the old town below. I spent several hours sunbathing on this balcony before going each day. I went up the hill to the top, wandered round the whole of the walled city – and spotted several places used for scenes in Game of Thrones.  Dubrovnik was clearly geared up to fleece tourists. Everything was for sale, and a higher prices than Split. But the architecture and inner streets were well worth exploring.

I took a boat top the island of Lokrum, walked around to the harbour and all the way around the coast to Park šuma Velika i Mala Petka. On the way I saw prickle pear fruit and decided to try it. Epic fail. I’d always thought the prickly was the large spikes on the cactus style leaves, but it turns out there are thousands of tiny spikes on the fruit itself. and these impale themselves in you. My fingers felt like id been nettle stung thousands of times..and it took about three hours to remove most of the spikes. Some stayed in and caused skin irritation for weeks to come. I got them in my lips and tongue too. Not a pleasant experience!

On one day I found what appeared to be a secluded swimming spot but was soon busy with people jumping off the cliff into the sea some 50mtres below. I swam several times. The water was lovely.



August 25th, 2015


From Naples I headed to Split, Croatia on EasyJet Flight 4839 14:30

When I arrived the host wasn’t at the apartment ( Apartments Curavic, Preradovicevo Setaliste 9, Split, 21000) and took 30mins to arrive it was hot and near the beach. The apartment was about 20mins walk from the bus station. In a really great location. Walk across the road and I was at the beach. It was a busy place. I really liked Split. The town was fantastic and not as touristy as Dubrovnik so the prices were better. An ice cream was 1 Euro (about 70p at the time. And was the best I’d ever tasted in a large cone. Super amount. worth about £5 in the UK! I walked up to a good vantage point to see the town and harbour. The harbour front had a pedestrian street with loads of choice for restaurants and street entertainers, market stalls. It was bustling with life.