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September 13th, 2009


Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest

Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest

I went to my first game in years… Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest.  An average game of, as they say, two halves…both with little action but a fair bit of drama from the Notts side who seemed to foul a lot and wasted about seven minutes of injury time.
The game started with a goal in 3 minutes to the away team, but Wednesday pulled back to make it one all in 39th minute.  Those moments were about as interesting as it got.

November 8th, 2000

Football Paris

Some event with Canon to Paris more detail to follow

Angela Warnes

William Cheung, Terry Hope, Chris Cheesman, John Clements

May 24th, 2000

Real Madrid vs Valencia

Canon whisked us off to France  to watch the Champions League Final at Stade de France. The game was between Real Madrid and  Valencia. I was in seat Porte E Terrasse 110.
We travelled by Eurostar and stayed in the Paris Hilton Hotel.

Ashley Ollett, Angela Mason

Peter Bargh, William Cheung, John Clements, Terry Hope, Chris Cheeseman

March 22nd, 2000

UEFA Champions League – Chelsea vs Lazio

Canon took us to Stamford Bridge to watch the UEFA Champions League Chelsea vs Lazio and dinner at the Regency Hotel – which was nice!





December 8th, 1984

Sheffield Wednesday vs Chelsea

Wednesday played the 2000th First Division game at home against Chelsea. I was there.


April 16th, 1977

Sheffield Wednesday vs Preston North End

Sheffield Wednesday vs Preston North End programme

Went to see Sheffield Wednesday play Preston North End with my father