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May 8th, 2019

Mulgapigs live at the Washington

Watching Mulgapigs play live at The Washington with Debra Stratford, Nicola Feetham and Jackie Middleton
September 26th, 2013

Nadine Shah live

Nadine Shah live at The Harley

Nadine Shah live at the Harley Hotel & Bar, Glossop Road Sheffield…supported by David Roch and Canal Boat.

A small venue with average lighting , but great beer (and so it seems food) And the three acts were excellent. Particularly liked Cloud Boat, who each used Roland 404SX samplers to deliver some amazing sounds to blend with their interesting guitar playing.

Good review of Nadine Shah here.

She offered me a glass of red wine…very kind



Set list






January 1st, 1988

Cardboard Criminal 10th Anniversary reunion


Cardboard Criminals tenth Anniversary reunion. 1988

Thanks to Paul for reminding me that the venue was Take 2 in Attercliffe.

Not sure of the date – anyone any ideas?



May 5th, 1984

Artery gig at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom


Artery played at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

March 25th, 1982

Artery live at the Blitz


I went to see Artery play at the Blitz cub held at George IV on Infirmary Road, Sheffield.

Ticket no 174

January 1st, 1982

Y gig


Y played either Sheffield or Rotherham not sure of venue or date, but I was there

If anyone has the date please let me know

June 27th, 1980

Artery gig at Sheffield Polytechnic


Artery did a gig at the Sheffield Polytechnic Phoenix Bar with Vendino Pact, De Tian and Naughtiest Girl was a Monitor – only 60p to get in! Great gig



June 25th, 1980

ClockDVA and Vice Versa at Sheffield City Hall


Clock DVA and Vice Versa played this night at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom


May 27th, 1980

Richard Strange at the Blitz club


Richard Strange (ex Doctors of Madness) live at the George IV Blitz. Having seem Doctors of Madness headline the Sheffield City Hall main stage it was weird to see the lead singer play to a tiny audience and one of the lowest number turnouts I’d seen at the Blitz.

No ticket number


May 6th, 1980

Fatales live at the Blitz club


Fatales at the George IV Blitz.


Ticket no 39