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October 19th, 2003

Ferrari Race day, Mugello circuit

Olympus flew us out to Bologna for a Ferrari race day at the Mugello circuit

The day is a celebration of Ferrari, when all the team’s F1 drivers – Schumacher, Barrichello and the 2 test drivers, Massa and Badoer, drive the F1 cars as well as spectacular drives from current Ferrari road cars and vintage Ferraris through the ages.

Hannah Sheppard, Andy Parker and Sara Cubitt

Peter Bargh

August 6th, 2003

Olympus Press Challenge 2003

The Olympus  Press Challenge 2003, was hosted at Goodwood Park, England where a series of task were set including Skid Pad, Lightening Kart, 2CV jigsaw (build and race)


Sara Cubitt, Milly Hill

February 6th, 2002

Olympus Press Challenge 2002

A day out with Olympus on their annual press challenge

The event included the usual and fun competitive activities. Here we did archery,  built a Citroen car, drove round an obstacle course, played at being firemen, controlling grass hovercraft, completed a krypton factor style water challenge and duck herding, skid cars and fast car

Olympus hosts
Andy Parker, Sarah Parker, Mark Thakara, Andy Cochrane, Sara Cubitt

Ian Burley, Stuart Miles, David Corefield, Rod Lawton, Roy Green, Gavin Stoker, Neil Whitford, Vincent Oliver, Dan Lezano

June 9th, 2000

Olympus C-840L Digital Camera Launch


The Olympus C-840L was launched at the Bluebird (Private Dining room), Kings Road  London, England.

As part of the event a Helicopter flight over London from Battersea Heliport was arranged, and gave us chance to try the cameras from a height.

The helicopter was a Squirrel AS355F and flew 1000feet over the River Thames following the river at 90 knots over to Tower Bridge on a 10min excursion.

I attended as editor of Digital PhotoFX

Ian Dickens, Sara Cubitt, Nikki Gordon

Peter Bargh

July 20th, 1999

I can’t remember why, but Olympus invited us to the premier of  Star Wars Phantom Menace at the Warner Village complex 02 in London, plus food at Zuccato Cafe Urbano.

I remember saying to Dan Lezano that the boy won. He was looking forward to seeing the film and I spoiled the ending of the race. He never forgave me 😉

Sara Cubitt

Peter Bargh

January 8th, 1997

Olympus Dublin

Olympus invited us over to Dublin in Ireland. We flew over on Aer Lingus EI449. I was in Seat 1B

We stop at the U2 owned The Clarence

Lion Dance
Bela Primo (band)

Sara Cubitt, Nikki Gordon

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Martyn Moore,

The hotel was great, had a top night dancing with Sara…she nicknamed me Tigger after that.

One guy on the dance floor was mr muscles and pulled his vest over his head dancing as though he was drugged up (probably was).
While we were dancing Martyn was chatting to a bloke he met in the bar. He had no idea who the guy was, apart from the fact all the girls were drooling over him. It turned out to be Ewan McGregor who’d recently started in Trainspotting.

I walked through the shopping streets of Dublin the following day and bought my leather coat that has since been referred to as the drug dealers coat.

October 5th, 1996

Toy Story private screening with Olympus


Olympus created a Toy Story compact camera kit in 1996 so as part of the package they got to see  a  Private Screening  of  the first Toy Story movie at the Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Kensington Village.

The Camera was an Olympus Trip 200

I took my boys Joseph and William for their first trip to London.

Sara Cubitt

Press attending
Peter Bargh, Martyn Moore