Clock DVA at The Leadmill with De Tian and PTI

ClockDVA flyer for Leadmill gig

Saw Clock DVA at The Leadmill with De Tian and Prior to Intercourse as support

Nothing could have prepared us for the visual experience on stage this evening. Billed simply as Dancing by Prior to Intercourse there was nothing simple about this “dance” The slow but erratic moving and semi naked body of Robert Baker emerged from beneath a floor of black plastic sheeting. Ripping through while releasing blood dripping inners across the stage, this dance transferred into the audience’s minds as we contemplated the masterpiece of art that left us either shocked, mesmerised or stunned. This was a genius performance, presenting us with something unique that we’d never experienced before and were highly unlikely to ever see again.

Had some African wholegrain rice meal and tried to smoke Bombay Mix through one of Mick Fidler’s Pipes

Strange days. Great gig


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