Exotic Percussion – Mein Glas Fabrik review

Sheffield Fanzine, Tigers On The Moor (cover date May 1981) reviewed our cassette

The review:

Subtitled “Exotic Percussion”, this is a complete mystery to me except I have a sneaky suspicion that Mark Holmes of the Fatales might just know a bit about it…a c60 album with no information attached, beautifully engineered and compiled, of apparently pointless synth which twists and winds its way through an hour of quite often gloomy but ultimately compulsive listening. There are no sides 1 and 2; one

side has a coloured label and the other is grey and t

hat’s probably the best identification. An ideal tape for late listening, especially the deeper grey side, impossible to review because there’s nothing to say about it! Definitely not just another home made tape! Very good sound quality, and good value for dole at £11.50. As the sleeve note says “Incidental Music”.

We were happy with that conclusion. It was limited to ten copies. We sold 1!

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