Nikon Pronia Factory Tour – Thailand

Although I’d like cameras still to be made in the UK, I was always grateful when we were invited on a press trip to the factory of those made abroad, especially when Nikon invited me to Thailand to see the production of the APS camera the Nikon Pronia

We flew Thai Airways TG911, Royal Executive Class  from Heathrow to Bangkok. I sat next to Elaine in Seat 16K. The flight had individual movie players. I can’t remember what I watched. We stopped in the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel

Nikon delivered a feature packed schedule over our five day trip included a two hour factory trip to see the Nikon Pronia being made. This was an SLR using APS film, and it was amazing to see how every single step of  the assembly process was hand done.

Royal River Hotel International Buffet
Tour of Nikon Thailand Corp Production facilities in Ayuthhaya
Express Boat Choa River to Phra A Thit pier
Tuk Tuks to Grand Palace
Emerald Buddha Temple
Thai Cultural evening Rose Garden Nakorn Pathom,
Festival of the season “Loy Krathong” village possession

Nikon Hosts
Simon Coleman, Elaine Swift

Press Attending
Peter Bargh, Dan Lezano, Damien Demolder  , Neil Whitford, Shirley Kilpatrick, Raul Golden

On this trip I learned that girls can do incredible things with ping pong balls, Elephants are not just in the wild, mosquitoes can create huge bites, certain men are more attractive than certain women, not to go in a tuk tuk to the jewelery show rooms, Thai food can be incredible, Simon had a bizarre choice of swimming trunks and the Nikon Pronia was a totally hand assembled camera.

We were each given a Nikon Pronia which, at the time, was the best APS camera going.

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