Helicon Focus defaulted to Polish

I’m going to start using my blog to share problems I come across and the solution I find. Here’s my problem of the day. I haven’t used Helicon Focus for a few weeks. I launched it today and all the menus were in Polish.

Now I’m not totally familiar with the program so cannot work my way around it with my eyes closed (or in Polish) so I needed to find out how to get back to English. I struggled to find preferences but couldn’t work out which one was for language. Looked around elsewhere and drew a blank.

A difficult search on Google eventually brought me to helicon.com.ua, where someone else asking the same question got an answer. That person was told that he probably accidentally selected Polish when he installed the program or he changed default. Well if he was like me it just happened.

Nevertheless the following solution was provided.

1 Go to the “View” menu (second from the right – Poka? in Polish. Click it.

2 The bottom button in the view tab is for languages (titled Jezyk)

3 It has a pop-out menu where English can be selected as one of the options.

4 Click OK.

5 Restart the program.

It will then open in English.

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