I’m an extra in Bronson: My Story

Red Mist stuck up a poster in the Turbine requesting volunteers to be extras in the film Bronson: My Story. I applied and got a part as an SA (supporting artist). We filmed on Thursday 6 March. It was great fun. I am a prison warden. I got the role of walking behind Bronson (played by Tom Hardy), as he was lead out of Broadmoor. The filming was actually done at Stanford Hall. We got to climb around on the roof and had roof tiles hurled at us for some stills that will be played as flashbacks in the film, due for release Feb 2009. It was a full day filming and I guess the part will be about 15 seconds.

One thought on “I’m an extra in Bronson: My Story

  1. Ha! me too!
    I was in a scene where we had to sew mailbags, then scatter when the screws came in to drag Charlie/Tom off.

    How about that food?! they could have payed me in brie stuffed aubergine!!

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