LocalGame Shop – avoid – scam


So I post a thread uncovering a scam. It gets to number one in Google Search. And then disappears. Now I am not even listed in the search for this post. What happend? Are Google supporting crooks, has it been reported? All my other blog post are unaffected. What’s going on?

Incidentally I’ve also start getting lots of spam – all on that one post. Well just to clarify LocalGame Shop offering four super console deals is not legit and you WILL lose your money. This will get to the top of search engine…how long will it stay this time I wonder?

The company are still appearing on price comparison stores as incredibly good value. Just to repeat this is not a good deal. You WILL lose your money. See my previous blog post for full details.

Of course If I’m wrong please post in this thread, I’d love to hear from someone who has got their goods

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