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Well following my recent post about being scammed by a web site that appeared offering superb deals on Nintendo Wiis and XBoxes, it looks like the crooks who operated recently as rapidgamingstore are back again with the same scam. Different web site, but same stock, same convincing deals, same convincing service, trusted money back offers etc, and same town, but a different address.

LocalGame Store offers New Nintendo Wii “Ultimate Gaming Pack” Video Game System comprising

Nintendo Wii Console
Wii Stand
5 Wii Sports Games: Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis
Remote and Nun-Chuck
Sensor Bar
Power and AV Cables
User Manual

Along with 10 games including:

Wii Sports
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Marve: Ultimate Aliance
Need for Speed: Carbon
SD Gundam: Scad Hammers
The Legend of Zeda: Twilight Princess
Tony Hawk?s Downhill Jam
Metal Slug Anthology
Trauma Center: Second Opinion

All for just £106 – the catch is you have to buy 5, well the real catch is they will not turn up, and in a couple of months when they’ve fleeced enough suckers the site will disappear along with any form of contact and any sign of your gear.

4 thoughts on “LocalGame Shop – AVOID!

  1. Hi there,

    I wish you had posted this about 3 weeks ago as two of my friends & I bought 8 Wiis from this website and lost over £800 between us. As wire transfer is the payment method there is nothing we can do! I am gutted about it!

  2. I was scammed by this company… Don’t go anywhere near them. The bank details they ask you to send the money to are as below DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY no matter what name they run under.

    Bank Name : Bank Central Asia (BCA)
    Bank Address : Jln. D.I. Panjaitan No. 69
    Bank City : Indramayu
    Bank State : Jawa Barat
    Bank ZIP : 45212
    Bank Country : INDONESIA
    Bank Branch : KCP INDRAMAYU
    IBAN / Account Number : 3030301977
    Name on Account : DEDE ENDANG SURYANA

  3. Hi, I was also scammed but thankfully i got my money back, I sent £2500, after a week no word from them so i emailed them saying i felt id been scammed and that i gave them 24 hours to tell me why id received no word from them with delivery details and a tracking number, i said id put it all over net that their company was a scam and that i was going to contact the police, a week later my bank contacted me to say my money’d been sent back as the account had been closed, in between times i had placed 2 more orders,with no intention of sending money, waiting to see if they’d contact me looking their money – which they didnt! the account details on my second order had changed, the name on the account was now Aly Andreas. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY TO LOCAL GAME SHOP – THIS IS A SCAM !!!!! I thought id checked out the company – i googled them checked out their testimonials read all their trusting talk, i just thank god i got my money back.

  4. I have paid them some money too – it’s only been a few days but now after reading this of course I am worried that they won’t turn up at all.
    Jayne – which account did you pay the money into – the one that had closed?
    What elase can you do with companies like this?

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