A trip to the theatre

In Worksop!

A series of events led to a night at the theatre.

As I walked in to town a few weeks ago a car stopped and the driver asked for directions to Acorn Theatre. I’d never heard of it, and didn’t think twice. I shrugged, said “sorry, no idea” and she went on her way. A week later, on my daily “heart exercise” walk, I passed the theatre on a back street.

When I got home I looked it up on the Internet and one production caught my eye: Pathway to the Red Sun. A striking image did it, because poetry, music and acrobatics, inspired by Madame Butterfly, are not exactly my cup of tea. But the image of a gothic woman, looking like the lead in the Japanese Horror film The Grudge, and the mention of influence from Pans Labarynth tempted me to “take a risk”.

And it was incredible, from the moment I walked through the theatre doors to the end.

Two Soldiers stand guard at the front of the theatre. On stage a guitarist to the left plays using an E-bow, his skills with that gadget were brilliant -the notes droned out harmonically, creating a sonic ambience.

Then the play begins and we see the Grudge influenced character (turns out she’s Angelina Boscarelli, the woman founded the company in 2005) appear from under the floorboards. The make up was excellent and simple, but effective lighting.

The story unfolds – a tragic love story based around a soldier and a samurai’s daughter.
Through out we hear the talented musician Andrew Bate play guitar and keyboards and add the occasional vocals. It all ended too soon.

This was my first taste of the Acorn Theatre…and maybe beginner’s luck, but it’s certainly not my last. I’d recommend this play to anyone, although it’s only a short tour but there are a few shows left.

You’ll find details on their web site here: Rogue Theatre

Andrew Bate has a Myspace page here: Andrew Bate

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