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Last year I spent a day in the company of actor Tom Hardy, film director Nicolas Refn, film crew and several other actors. I’d applied for a role as a film extra and got the job. It was a cold day in Loughborough at Stanford Hall. My roll was a prison guard for the film Bronson, out on release last Friday, 13 Mar 2009 and already winning awards (I’d like to take all the credit ;-)).

I saw the film tonight and after a long wait and am pleased to say my short burst as an actor did not end up on the cutting floor. Sadly I wish I’d held my stomach in as I escort Bronson across the corridor for release from prison. Proud owner of a one pack – I look pregnant! I appear again in a scene a few minutes later. It’s a view from behind and shows my crown. I never realised how much I look like my dad until I saw the back view.

It took all day to film two scenes and delivered about 5 seconds of screen time. As a huge David Bowie fan in the seventies I am please that my film début lasted longer than his in Virgin Soldiers, where he’s pushed across the screen in the briefest of glimpses. The documentaries had to freeze frame his scene so you knew it was him.

After the film I hung back to view the credits only to see my name was misspelt as Peter Barry. Full marks to the production team!

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    1. He’s been a few things before. He’s had an unofficial fan site for years which has some great photos and a list of the stuff he’s done. It’s here Tom Hardy. Bronson, I believe, is his biggest roll yet and he did a grand job. The bit where he looks across at me and the other guard as he get let out was fun to film because he kept pulling this mad smile and the other guard could not stop laughing causing his shoulders to move up and down as he sniggered uncontrollably.

  1. I really think you should stop taking credit for Mr. Barry’s role in this film 😉 . Nice one pete, glad to hear that you made it on the big screen. So whats the next thing from here? Hollywood?

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