Cat amongst the pigeons

Well it wasn’t pigeons that I heard squawking today in the garden. When I heard the loud shrieks I thought “oh no the kitten’s got another bird”, but this time it was quite the opposite. To my surprise I saw a very worried kitten running away while being dive bombed by a thrush.

The kitten, called Diesel, eventually froze in the centre of the garden and stared in amazement as the thrush began to hop closer in circular motions, shrieking all the time. In the background, in just about every bush, was a group of blackbirds, seemingly egging the thrush on to attack. It was a surreal moment that I’ve never seen before.

After some time Diesel plucked up courage to attack. The bird missed the leap and proceeded to taunt poor Diesel from a nearby bush before diving down like a Spitfire over the kitten’s head. I decided to get the camera and managed to take a few quick snaps before Diesel came to running to me all shook up.

cat and thrush

I’m not sure how they situation had occurred but I think tonight maybe he will have nightmares.

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