Photo365 -Day 11 – Rim Light

I had good intentions tonight, but tv and cooking got in the way…so I did a rush job on this. My idea was to create a wonderful still life of a red wine bottle and glass with wine. I used a softbox with mask as a back light to create the rim light. And manual exposure shooting a few tests to get to the point that just the outline shows and not the bottle or label.

Glass and bottle

This is the best, but I need a more expensive glass to do the shot justice and I need to work on the balance of rim light and dark areas. I also need a better mask. I intended to get some black card today but the Worksop didn’t have any. Craft shop visit is on my to do list.

So a few excuses, but I’m still reasonably happy with it. Although it’s nowhere near what I’d intended to stick up, and I’m now too tired to continue and time’s running out…day 11 and my Photo365 has caught me out.

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