Photo365 – Day 5

Today I took a trip down memory lane and photographed objects against a Venetian blind. The last time I did this seriously was back in the 80s in a terraced house I lived in. I shot them on Hassleblad and they were some of may favourite shots. So today I recreated that experience using a modern digital SLR and a 100mm macro lens.

If you draw the blinds closed and just allow a small amount of light through you get a great set of patterns reflected on the glass. Also the backlighting gives a rim effect so all sorts of shapes start to appear. It works well with wine bottles too.

glass bottle
I wish the right hand bottle had a similar base to the left. I could clone it, but this project is about the photographic experience not the post processing.

It’s a good test of the lens too. You can check for evenness of exposure into the corners (good), fringing (this one had a small amount of blue towards the edges) and distortion (this one is bang on).

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