Photo365 – Day 52 – An apple a day

Many of my Photo365 project pictures are still lifes taken at home…it’s starting to make me realise I don’t get out and about enough. This is down to the monster I’ve created in ePHOTOzine – it consumes most of my time. So a quick snap here and there is usually all I am getting chance to do. That said the blog has ensured I’ve used the camera daily and I’ve tried to be as creative as possible in the space of time I have.

It’s more than I have been doing in previous years and I’m building up a healthy collection of potential stock images. As the weather improves I intend to go further afield and hopefully the blog will reflect this.
I’m on day 52, and today’s photo was a struggle. I was in the office till late and when I got home I wanted to watch a friend’s Channel 4 Dispatches program about hospital food before I start on the gallery to look at today’s uploads. So I’ve had very little time but managed to squeeze ┬áin this shot – just before I ate it.

They say an apple a day is a healthy option – well it certainly was for the health of my Photo365 shot for today. I placed it on a red painted canvas and lit from overhead with a softbox to give the deep shadow underneath. I got the photo in one shot, ate the apple and here I am.

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