Photo365 – Day 75 – All Suffering Soon to End!

I had a hospital appointment this morning. It was at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary. They have problems with parking space and a few years ago opened a large 500 capacity park & ride at the Racecourse. You park for free and then catch a bus to the hospital.

I took advice from the leaflet that said if you feel like some exercise you can walk to the hospital. It’s just 1.2m. The trouble is I hadn’t planned for my new shoes being so uncomfortable. Those that dig in at the heel and quickly create blisters!

On the walk back from the hospital they were really beginning to sting…and then some random woman stopped me and gave me a leaflet with the title – Suffering Soon to End. How did she know? Was there going to be some miraculous shoe exchange and foot massage?

Alas, the suffering continued…the leaflet was from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Instead of foot recovery I was going to “possess the earth and reside forever upon it”.

I stopped at the road side to ponder my good fortune and took this photo on the iPhone. I included the stars of the show – my torturing shoes.

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